A Photography Alternative to Antelope Canyon: Canyon X


Antelope Canyon is popular, so we found an alternative Antelope Canyon called Canyon X; which is perfect for photographers.
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Photography tours are no longer being offered in lower Antelope Canyon. I guess it's just too busy there. So, we looked for an alternative Antelope Canyon tour that allowed you to use tripods. We ended up coming across Canyon X. And, honestly, we had no idea what to expect. In the end, though, it was an amazing tour, and the photography opportunities in there were fantastic.
Canyon X is just outside of Page, Arizona, and is an awesome spot for photographers as you not only are allowed to use tripods, but you usually have it all to yourselves. On our tour, there was just one other lady and the guide. The other time we drove by Canyon X there was no one there. Comparatively, when we drove by both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon there were swarms of tourists.
So, if you're looking to do photography at Antelope Canyon, maybe check out an alternative. Actually, if you're hoping to use a tripod, as of January 2018 you need to use one of these alternative tours. The good news, however, is you're still able to find some amazing photos and compositions out here as well. I'm actually really pleased with the tour, and think I enjoyed it more than when I did Lower Antelope Canyon a couple years ago.
After spending time shooting photography at Canyon X, we headed to another photography hot-spot - Horseshoe Bend - for sunset.
Tomorrow on the photography channel, we're headed to Monument Valley!

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